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Take another look at the perf logs; I'll bet WebTrends is sucking the life out 
of your ISA while it creates all those reports for you.

 Jim Harrison
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  I posted something about 3 months back about how my firewall service stopped 
working at 0200h every Sunday morning and would not come back up until 0430h 
with a reboot or restart the Firewall service. Anyway, after months of pulling 
my hair out I finally nailed it, and looking back over some posts on the list 
about problems with the firewall service I believe others are probably having 
this problem as well.

  What happens : 0200h Sunday morning, firewall service dies, web proxy still 
runs OK, can still access web site by IP, published servers stop working etc.

  Last Friday I ran a Webtrends report on my web server, which is behind the 
firewall, this is also my DNS server, this was during the day, within 10 
minutes I had these same symptoms that I outlined above, I stopped and 
restarted the firewall, I rebooted it but it would just die straight away. I 
had hadn't made the link with Webtrends yet, but I shutdown the web server and 
while it was off found I could stop and start the firewall service and IT 
WORKED. I bought the web server back up and had a look at Webtrends and found I 
had all my reports set to run at 0200h Sunday morning (they run sequentially), 
boy was I happy. I disabled all the Webtrends reports and shut down the 
scheduler. By this time I had to leave work to catch a plane, I checked on 
Sunday morning and for the first time in 3-4 months the firewall service didn't 
stop at 0200h on Sunday morning.

  Why ? Webtrends does DNS lookups while running to resolve IP's from the log 
files, you can turn this off but I have had it running like this for about 3 
years and never had any problems with my last firewall (Guardian), it seems 
that a big flood of DNS lookups kills the firewall service ? because this is 
all that is happening. It just seems to loose the plot :)

  Any feedback appreciated, I would like to run my reports again.


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