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Cool, will be looking for that when you get it released.  It also brings
up an interesting question I had last night.  

In the Windows Services Properties, you can define what to do if a
service dies.  In the recovery tab, you can tell it to do nothing, run a
program, restart the service, or reboot the server.  I would assume this
program would fall into the same category.

If I set this to restart the service, I run the risk of any add-ons
(i.e. SurfControl) not working properly, so the next logical choice is
to restart the server, as this will load things in the proper order.  

However, if I set it to restart the server, I would think that might be
a possible security loophole.  I don't have any details on "why" that
would be a security risk, but anytime you can cause a server to reboot
via a fault sounds dangerous.

What do you guys think?

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If you ever get these types of errors, let me know and you can use
(in Beta) to capture a .dmp of the issue for the ISAPI Filter
It will also automatically restart your ISA services.

More info:

Command Line:

ISARESET.EXE (c) Post Point Software 2005


        /RESTART        Stop and then restart all ISA services.
        /START          Start all ISA services.
        /STOP           Stop all ISA services.
        /REBOOT         Reboot the computer.
        /DUMP           Create a MiniDump On Exception.
        /REBOOTONERROR  Reboot the computer if an error occurs when
starting, stopping, or restarting ISA services.
        /NOFORCE        Do not forcefully terminate ISA services if
                        attempting to stop them gracefully fails.
        /TIMEOUT:val    Specify the timeout value ( in seconds ) to wait
                        a successful stop of ISA services. On expiration
                        of this timeout the computer can be rebooted if
                        the /REBOOTONERROR parameter is specified.
                        The default value is 120s for restart, 60s for
                        and 20s for reboot.
        /STATUS         Display the status of all ISA services.
        /ENABLE         Enable restarting of ISA Services
                        on the local system.
        /DISABLE        Disable restarting of ISA Services
                        on the local system.

The ISAPI Dev Lurking on the ISA Admin List

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