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Yep; the answers have all been determined and MS has some KB's on them.

Jim Harrison
MCP(2K), A+, Network+, PCG

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Anyone know what this is all about?  Every few days I get an event log entry
ID 14120 from "Microsoft Web Proxy".  It reads as follows;

"The ISA Server services cannot create a packet filter  this event occurs when there is a conflict between the
Local Address Table (LAT) configuration and the Windows 2000 routing table.
Check the routing table and the LAT to find the source of the conflict."

I let ISA construct the LAT and even included the private address ranges and
let it load from the internal routing table.  We are a small flat IP network
with one class C address range.
Could an improperly configured packet filter cause this message?  There are
no symptoms other than the event log messages.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Tom Briody, MCSE
Email: tombr@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:tombr@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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