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Ok, here's the deal.
NT4 has sporadic support for WMI, which is what the script uses to identify
the rogue explorer process.  Since a failure in WMI doesn't mean a rogue
process exists, I've changed the script to advise you when this situation
Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!  It only makes the tool

Jim Harrison
MCP(2K), A+, Network+, PCG

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Hello weary Code Red battlers,

I've created a script that searches your system to sniff out the Code Red
worm.  Since I had to help a hapless friend who's web farm was destroying
itself,  I had to make the search a little more streamlined.

It does:
    1. find the (presently) known droppings Code Red leaves in its wake
    2. leave a log file on your system as "C:\CodeRed_insp_<MachName>.log"
    3. tell you if definitely identifies Code Red
    1. say that Code Red is NOT on your system
    2. attempt to clean Code Red from your system; this is a box-flattening

Since Code Red is known to sleep for at least 24 hours before trashing your
box, you should run this script at least daily for the next several days to
see if anything new shows up.

It ain't much, but it's something, anyway...  Good luck to all.

Jim Harrison
MCP(2K), A+, Network+, PCG


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