RE: 3 Homed ISA Server

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  • Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 16:08:53 +0530

Hi Christian

Yes it is possible and the proxy server still works. 

Please go through the following steps

1. Please open the mmc of internet security and acceleration server snap in

2. Go to ISA , select Servers and Arrays, under this expand Access policy
tab and you find the IP filters for restricting certain ip traffic. you also
have bandwidth rules to limit the bandwidth.
 3. create two policy elements one for controlling the bandwidth and the
other for restricting the particular user traffic. 
please add the policy elements in the rules configured.

Best Regards,
Venkata Ramana

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I want to use the ISA Server to connect 2 internal networks and one
external network. Problem is that traffice also needs to be blocked
between the two internal networks and only certain IP traffice between the
two internal networks allowed. Is that possible, and does the Proxy
Service still work. IF yes, how ???

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