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Hi Dominique,

Yes to both questions.   I think it was with the last dog on training we
took about three changes of lights to get across a road, as fortunately I
was warned by the trainer that a driver was ignoring them, three times in a

The chewing gum question is a curse.   It is apparently possible to crack
chewing gum off clothing etc by freezing it, but unless we start working
huskies this solution isn't much use.   I have had to cut off fur several
times on different dogs as being the simplest and least painful way of
removing it.

I have often expressed the belief that there is a secret organisation abroad
in the world, the Chewing Gum League, which is dedicated to placing the
stuff under every piece of furniture it can find.   They are not quite so
meticulous with floors of vehicles but there is a lot of it about.   It is a
pity that the government lost its nerve over the chewing gum tax, instead
accepting a donation from riggley's towards the cost of cleaning up the
stuff.   It should mean either way that there is less on the streets, but I
don't suppose the government is sharing it out with transport firms, so I
suppose vehicles will still be littered with it.   Could we apply for a
slice of the cash to give treats to ourselves and our dogs to compensate for
the irritation occasioned??   Doubt it!

My only useful advice is that every time anyone offers you a chew of some
refuse and explain why it is such a scourge.   It isn't even made from the
tropical tree sap anymore which means it doesn't help to sustain the
rainforests either.   The rising oil price might make it more expensive

All The Best

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  Hi all,

  I was wondering has this ever happened to you and your dog?

  While on busses or out walking, Holly has had chewing gum stuck to her
tail and paw, this is the fourth time now this has happened, and I'm sick of
it now.  People in society are, in my view, disgusting, there  are litter
bins to be used,not as decoration..

  Another thing that's annoying me, is drivers driving through the lights
while you're crossing.  This happened to us on Thursday.  Have people out
there got absolutely no consideration for Guide Dogs and their Owners.

  I'm just wondering has any of these things happened to you? because it's
really got to me at this stage.

  There should be a ban on chewing gum.

  All the best.
  Dominique & Holly.

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