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  • Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 09:19:07 +0100


Well,  Granger was not a good boy  last Friday evening,  and I certainly
wasn't a happy GDO either.

I've noticed that regardless of whether Granger has had an opportunity to
spend  before working or not,  if we are  walking for more than about 45
minutes,  he starts showing signs of wanting  to spend.

This was the case last Friday evening.  I  put him on the grass  and  gave
him 3 or 4  opportunities  to  do something,  but no joy.

We  continued  on,  with Granger  literally waddling down  the road  at this
point.  We were about 100 yards  from home  when my mobile  rang.   As if on
queue  Granger promptly stopped  and went   on the pavement.  Suffice to
say I was less than  impressed.   I   corrected him severely, while at the
same time trying  to juggle  a mobile phone.  Then  for good measure  I
stuck his nose in   his own mess  ... Just to reinforce  the fact  that I
wasn't happy.

It   all got  a bit messy   then  and When we eventually  got home  I had to
sponge   him  down   to  clean  him off.   He knew  well that he wasn't in
the good books,  because as soon as I was finished  he  ran off to his bed
and stayed there for the rest of the evening.

I suppose that   some people  will say I'm being too hard on him,  but  he
had no excuse.  He had ample opportunity to go on the grass   only 5 minutes
before he eventually went.

I was a bit worried that after such a stern correction he might be reluctant
to  relieve himself  on the lead the next day,  but  there were no problems
and he has gone as normal  since then.

I don't know if he will learn anything from this,  but I certainly hope that
he will think  twice before going on the footpath again.

Tim,  and a now  fully black Granger again.

Tim Culhane,
Critical Path Ireland,
42-47 Lower Mount Street,
Dublin 2.
Direct line: 353-1-2415107
phone: 353-1-2415000


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