[IRLGuideDogs] Granger spending on walks again

  • From: "Tim Culhane" <tim.culhane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 08:19:41 +0100


Following my mail on this subject earlier in the week I have had a chat with
Neil and Jane  from IGDB.

I just wanted to state here publicly that my actions in correcting Granger
when he spent on the pavement during a walk were completely out of
proportion and in fact could have been detrimental to our working

I know now what I did was wrong and I would not encourage or condone such
actions from other GDOs.

I apologize to anybody on the list who might have been upset by my mail.  I
can only say that my actions were out of character and resulted from a build
up of frustration on my part.

I hope that people won't think the worse of me for my actions and will
believe that in the future I'll try to behave in a more controlled manner.



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