[interact_list] sabrina's dissertation theme and tax-heaven and orgs, movements

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 18:54:37 +0100

I think this can be most of the people's interest )what?
Ben surely goes -
Tom - well, can be 
Rob - it's better to know 

it's about informal sector and 'formality' of economy
and politics 

view through them when you have a time, 
there are some neat resources in here.


For 'Tax Haven' Issues+++++++++++++


There can be more other sites of this type, 
but this one by so far seems not bad -
may worth to be remembered. 

We can map actros like,


While you are back in Jersey, if you can identify

personnels and families traditionally involved in 
those finance secotors and political/island planning sectors,

and get 'rumours' and stories, I think that could be very useful too. 
It's a small place, so it would be easy to collect all those 
'inside' stories. 

---about ATTAC and protesters

Jersey Raises The Drawbridge Against Anti-Globalisation Protesters, 
by Jeremy Hetherington-Gore, Tax-News.com, London 25/05/2001
(it's on the tax-news site)

---about IMF, OECD and other concerned institutions and Jersey's 
JFSC/FSC response


The Times, 'Jersey's days as a tax haven coming to an end'. 
Thurs, May 10, 2001, James Doran,

[OECD's pressure, narcotics monitoring, FSC/JFSC (Jersey Financial 
Services Commission)]

Jersey Wins More Praise For Its Anti-Money Laundering Regime, 
by Robert Lee, Tax-news.com, London 12 April 2001


 05/04/2001 IMF Survey On Financial Markets Pulls In Offshore 
Participants, Robert Lee, Tax-news.com, London


Seems ATTAC (ATTAC/France) is well known organisation
in the arena - so it's a kind of shame being 'never-heard-of'
(to myself) - it should be equally well known as Tranparency 
Internantional...why it's not so famous?...

these things are basically Ben(Bernard)'s interest too. 


go to google.com and just type 'attac france'
and then, a bunch of information. (Mostly in French.)

I tried 'link trace' to check who is putting 'link'
to attac's website 

(type: ' link:http://www.attac.org/ ' into google)



not bad 


seems very visual and interesting


one of those kinds


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