[interact_list] about European Science Days 2001[thanks Bernard]

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 20:19:41 +0100

Hi Bernhard and all the rest, 


to Ben>
haven't got much access to it yet 
because I am re-modeling basic concepts - 
so I really cannot engage in 'new intake' -
it can really distort my process. 

But seeeems* these sources are really neeeat. 
Now Europeans are getting hold of early robustness
of French AI studies and Cybernetics - seems. 

I'm reading MIT's 5 years old papers -
some are piss-leakingly good - 

and there are simliar ideas too. GOOD. 

If possible send out more 'detailed' urls you visited and
found good. 


I'm today looking in this one - 
but if there are more, you can flood mails please. 

It looks much more advanced and future making than somewhere else - 

I'm digging European history/identity too, 
it's seems about 

constant changes and 

rivalry and grace - 

how to fight/compete with grace - 
or with fantasm/riturals of grace - 

outside world is always so harsh so 
one needs to cape with fantasm of 
'I can fight/do'
or 'I am safe/I'm okay' - 

so it's basically 'mantra' 'symbolic' culture -

IF possible ask them about Gessel (silvio gessel)
and - 'interest free currency (currency which 
do not make interest or which is not allowed to 
enter into the interest making part of economic

the source is Michael Ende's book - somewhere - 
and as I said J.M.Keynes said 

'this idea is better than Karl Marx's -
in future people will benefit from Gessel's idea 
- and not from Marx.'


Convince, then we will reach. We need to break the myth of 'State
coupons' and 'State granted qualification' systems. 

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