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  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:13:18 +0100

[Note:This contains 'bad' speculation - but it is true that 'racists'- 
neo-Nazis are forming trans/pan European network - reported by BBC, 
somewhere in the last year. ]

Interestingly enough - I don't see much coverage about BNP and NF - 
some media programs started in depth coverage about Asian youth...

Maybe 'wicked' Channel 4 may soon do it. If any, let's share resource. 

Traditionally English society has been always with its 'lowest',
probably marginalised part. Before they start to take immigrants - 
it's been split between/among whites. It's a traditional thing,
low literacy, rudeness, vandalism and so on. 

So I would say there is an indigenous neglect and blindness toward
problem - the root cause is located in 'indigenous' people's 
traditional blind spot area. (So in this case how 'culturally aware' CR 
can work?)

And probably recently things started to move in a little bit of 
complexion. Now you have different people joined in that 'lower' and 
marginalised or segregated part - 

But do never forget that it was provoked by marginalised whites - 
and we need to see how other whites, middle class, and upper class 
whites would respond to it - of course we need to see how wealthy 
muslims and so on would respond - and we have other minorities too, 
Jamaican and Chinese people (Foot and mouth/rumor of 'smuggled chinese 
meat' and recent soya sauce thing) 

So if it is possible - we need to think of 'entire' picture - a vision 
for 'whole' of England, future picture for whole England - while 
looking at issues of Bradford - or marginalised whites. 

It takes a while - or it could be hardest thing to be achieved, 
as far as I see, 'white society' - middle and upper - itself is 
terribly internally spilitting - it's not functioning as 'a culture' 
or a mechanism which responsively react, argue and implement solutions 
at each step of changes of their own society. It seems it's been long 
in this way. 

If middle-upper whites cannot make space for those marginalised whites 
and segragated minorities - those marginalised and segragated ones 
themselves need to open up space for their own solutions - 
(that's 'sweet and comfortable' tactics for middle and upper whites 
too - now they do not need to deal with the poor).

I felt some Asian/Muslim community leaders are thinking in this way - 
you cannot ask on middle and upper white English people - they are too 
distant from those segragated/marginalised people's ground. 

If this is the only path - it requires to think things in relatively 
newer way. 

And my speculation, 

some said, 'Extremists', right wings in Europe are forming 
transnational coalition networks - esp within Europe. So the next exit 
for escalation is Anti-Semitism - it's billiard ball - w>m>j

[germany- turky and israel is basically in good relationship - 
central asian muslims do not have vengeace against jewish people
they are very welcoming Israel investment]

throwing rocks and bricks - have I ever saw it elsewhere before?

and I know there are guys in the school, sending mails - about 
Palestine - writing 'Let's not forget about our brothers and sisters in

Proxy. (and upper to middle whites 'stiff upper lips' will remain 
'unscratched' again.)

There is a word, 'complex' - but we are not only making our society 
'complex' - we are making it 'difficult' so probably we need to be 
prudent - if we miss time to react quick enough - then we really fail 
to recognise our lack of capacity and the need of 'speed' - 

but in England - I only see traditional or indigenous blindness or 

It will require another 2 or 3 painful turns for English to understand 
what the problem is - and how it may grow. 

I only can wish UN and Brussels are smarter than Westminster(remote 
and brainless) and Bradford council(only be able to corrupt).


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