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  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 13:39:16 +0100

Traditionally Europe has always been with 'informal sector' 
and the problem now is how much 'open/formal/fair' principles
and mechanisms of 'democracy','formal politics/economics',
and 'civil society' - all these are rooted in Europe and European 
people's living and thinking practices.

By so far, it looks people never trusted 'states' and has been 
making/enriching their livelihood by their own probably traditional and
canny measures. 

The thing is how would this affect to 'Global Norm'. 

Switzerland private bankers are everywhere in this world. 
To any city in the Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, even in 
cities in China - of course in Africa, Nics, Latin America -
probably even in Kosovo. (or in Iraq...or probably even in Cuba)

So as I thought - still I think -'this is way too late'. 

Europe hasn't eliminated its 'living practices' - informal sector 
and globalisation - and demoralisation of other societies.

While Europeans don't come to make some historical challenge
about 'the technique to see and think about themselves' - 
no one's gonna make anything. 

And the rest of the world will keep copying Europe's living practices
to 'get rich and established'. 

We are all rolling down the hill, not knowing what awaits in tomorrow. 


The programme was broadcasted yesterday - probably 
Robin Lustig's 'World Tonight' 

Very similar transcript is 

'Europe's hidden money'

(exact one cannot be found, again)

the programme was focused bit more on issues of recent large
'illicit currency/money''s flow between France, Germany 
and Eastern Europe and Balkans. There was a phrase like

'Money and Violence always goes together - they can't be 

So - what is Europe - civil society? - or 
piles of 'formal' disguises - 

You have rich history and you can think about them - 
but apparently you don't - and still you are the full of tricks.



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