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Speakers Confirmed.  Nearly blinded walking down the Tolentine stairway.
Digital Camera Ready.  I'll be ready at the end of the red carpet to catch
the latest fashions tonight.


I have class til 5:15, so I will wear what clothes I still have on my back
and head over to the fun in CEER.  


Oh, did anyone special order that rice for Sean?  I wasn't sure he would be
okay with just pizza.




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Hi All,


In case the you had forgotten and managed to miss the one million

bright-colored signs hanging in Tolentine and CEER, our internship event is

tonight at 5:30 in CEER 001.  I would expect that all Board members attend.


Tara/Kyle, I assume we have confirmed 4 student speakers for tonight?


Also remember that we'll have an Exec Board meeting directly after the event

to reflect on the event and to plan our next event (I have some field trip

suggestions from Dr. Singh and Ed Dougherty).


As for the event, if everyone could show up by 5:15, it would be

appreciated.  We're going to need to move soda and stuff from the office to

CEER 001.  Erik, don't forget your stone and chisel on which to take notes

so that the event can be chronicled.  Dan, don't forget your digital camera

so we can document the action.  Everyone else, don't forget to wear clothes.


See you tonight!







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