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One thing that I try when my Allegro sessions start acting up is to delete or 
rename you pcbenv dir after you exit Allegro. When starting Allegro again a new 
pcbenv dir will be created. Sometimes the files there go bad and need to be 
created from scratch. Just a thought.

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I have a couple users having problems with Allegro, and it's got me stumped.  I 
am hoping somebody has seen this before.

The original symptom was that Allegro crashes when the user attempts to measure 
anything.  A confirmer window pops that says "Failed to open file 
'/tmp/#Taaaaab03348.tmp' (the number is different when Allegro is shut down but 
the same as long as you don't shut down).  I did all the usual: cleared out the 
temp directory, verified that environment variables were correct, looked at the 
env file, waved my sacred rattle around.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just the 
same as all the other users around here.

Then it got weird.

I tried to look at the environment by typing "set" in the Allegro command line, 
nothing happened (no window with all the environment variables).  I tried to 
look at the Design Paths in the Setup>User Preferences form, some of the browse 
buttons looked like text boxes, and if I clicked any of them they couldn't find 
the variable and popped the now familiar warning about the "Failed to open file 

PLEASE tell me somebody has seen this and has an easy fix.  I am digging around 
for my windows XP CDROM 'cause I have a sinking feeling that the OS has gone 
bye-bye and the user is not going to be happy.  :(

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