[ibis-macro] New IBIS macro model library release

  • From: "Muranyi, Arpad" <arpad.muranyi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ibis-macro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 10:06:08 -0800

Hello everyone,
This is to inform all of you that I released a new
IBIS macro model library.  They are now uploaded on
our usual web site:
The major changes in this version are as follows:
1)  Implemented scaling coefficients for the IBIS buffer
building blocks.  These are compatible with the HSPICE
B-element scaling coefficients, I just gave them different
names, because I didn't like their names...
kI_pc         - scales the power clamp current
kI_pu         - scales the pullup current
kI_pd         - scales the pulldown current
kI_gc         - scales the ground clamp current
kt_rise       - scales the time axis of the rising waveforms
kt_fall       - scales the time axis of the falling waveforms
In the waveform scaling coefficients a larger number will
actually slow down the waveform, because time increases.
For example 2x will stretch the waveform by a factor of
two, and 0.5x will shrink the waveform by a factor of two.
2)  While I was working on this I discovered a bug which affected
how the common time axis for the waveforms were calculated.  This
would have caused problems if you tried using waveforms which did
not have the same starting and/or ending times.  This bug is fixed.
3)  I also noticed that the default values of the C_comp splitting
coefficients were different in the VHDL and Verilog versions of
the library.  I corrected that and they are the same now.
4)  I also noticed that the splitted C_comp capacitors were missing
in the VHDL-A(MS) library for the open-something buffers where there
was no IV curve, while the Verilog version had them there too.  I
added these back in the VHDL version to be consistent.  It may be
arguable whether these should be there, but I think they should be
there, because I have seen open-something buffers where the circuit
was there, except it was disabled by the control logic.
5)  I added scaling coefficients in the test circuits of the IBIS
buffer building blocks to illustrate how they can be used.  These
are not necessary, but I put them in for illustration (and testing)
6)  Some of the test circuits of the PWL sources were also changed
just so I could display the waveforms of the simulation results on the
same display panel, instead of having to use split panels.  Purely
cosmetic, but practical.
I think this is all the changes.  Please try them out and comment.

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