[ibis-macro] Bug found in the Perl script

  • From: "Muranyi, Arpad" <arpad.muranyi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ibis-macro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 10:31:20 -0800

We found another bug in the Perl script you wrote.
This happens when we extract data from a model which
doesn't have a complete set of everything, such as an
input model.
For example, when extracting the input buffer's data,
the last line in the .DAT file will be something like:
.Vgc_data({-3.30000000E+0, ... 6.60000000E+0}), \

with an extra ", \" at the end of the last array data
line and a "\" on the following line.  This causes
HSPICE to crash.  The correct ending should be at the
last ")" character, nothing more.

This will probably require some additional intelligence
in your program to monitor where the data really ends and
then stop putting in the commas and line continuation
characters.  Remember, this whole file is a giant macro
text in terms of the Verilog-A(MS) language, and it must
end without a comma or line continuation characters.
This should only effect the Verilog extractor.

I have another comment, which is not a bug, but may be worth
changing.  You give the buffer name to the macro on the
top.  I wonder whether this is good.  The reason is that
this way the macro text name is different in every .DAT file
and consequently the netlist will have to use a different
data passing name for every instantiation of a buffer model.
I think it would be more convenient if we fixed this so that
the macro name would always be the same, and that way people
writing the netlist would only need to change the file name
in the `include statement.

I checked in the LRM, this is not supposed to cause any
conflicts, because new macro definitions override the
previous ones, so if multiple buffers are instantiated
we can just put the `include statement right before the
next instance an then the new data will replace the
previous data in the macro text definition of the
`include statement.  This should work, but as usual
it would be a good idea to test it.

So I would like to be able to do this:

   `include ".\Macro_lib\lab_1_in33v_t.dat"
   IBIS_INPUT  #(`Data)  B1  (Power, Ground, Pad, Rcv_D);
   `include ".\Macro_lib\lab_1_in33v_n.dat"
   IBIS_INPUT  #(`Data)  B2  (Power, Ground, Pad, Rcv_D);
   `include ".\Macro_lib\lab_1_in33v_x.dat"
   IBIS_INPUT  #(`Data)  B3  (Power, Ground, Pad, Rcv_D);

instead of:

   `include ".\Macro_lib\lab_1_in33v_t.dat"
   IBIS_INPUT  #(`lab_1_in33v_t)  B1  (Power, Ground, Pad, Rcv_D);
   `include ".\Macro_lib\lab_1_in33v_n.dat"
   IBIS_INPUT  #(`lab_1_in33v_n)  B2  (Power, Ground, Pad, Rcv_D);
   `include ".\Macro_lib\lab_1_in33v_x.dat"
   IBIS_INPUT  #(`lab_1_in33v_x)  B3  (Power, Ground, Pad, Rcv_D);



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