[hipl-users] Re: Debian packaging script - how to use?

  • From: Miika Komu <miika@xxxxxx>
  • To: hipl-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 21:58:55 +0300 (EEST)

On Thu, 26 May 2005, Peder Chr. Norgaard wrote:

> Hello.
> =09I am tracking the hipl--main--2.6 branch for my project, to see if
> anything interesting turns up.

Are you also tracking the changelog:

We are currently working on several nice things :) One of them is the
userspace branch which will become the main branch after we get it
stabilized. Currently, you can run our implementation in the userspace as
well. Feel free to try out if you want the bleeding edge, but see the
buglist beforehand ;)

> And truly so, a Debian packaging script in patch 71!  I am very
> interested in testing it (and using it!), and for this a small hint
> about its use would be wonderful - I can't for myself figure out from
> which directory to start it, and how much I have to do before starting
> it.
> =09Of course, if it does not work yet in the main branch, just tell
> me so and I will shut up and wait.

I am sure that Mika will provide the needed documentation in doc/HACKING
very soon :)

Miika Komu              miika@xxxxxx          http://www.iki.fi/miika/

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