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  • Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 22:41:05 GMT

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> I am trying to create a distribution list in Messenger Pro 3.29, I
> have done the following:
> 1.  Created a file in StrongEd with a single line per email address.
> 2.  From the Address Book selected the "Distribution Lists..." button
> and dragged the file into my personal space (not public), naming it
> "AsdaParty".
> 3.  Created an entry named "Asda Party" in the Address Book and ticked
> the "Distribution list" box, selecting the textfile named "AsdaParty"
> from the drop-down list.
> 4.  Went to create an email and put my email address in the "To" field
> but could not use the BCC field for the distribution list as this does
> not exist, so I used the "Cc" field instead, selecting my distribution
> list name of "Asda Party" from the drop-down list at the end of the
> field, hey presto - no addresses appear!
> What am I doing wrong?  I've followed the instructions on page 29 of
> the manual, but to no avail!
> Help!
> Regards,
> Bryan
When the list file name is in the to or CC with the caret press 


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