[HEALTH.MIL] Partnering with Parents to Prevent Pediatric Brain Injury

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Partnering with Parents to Prevent Pediatric Brain Injury 


Parents are the first line of defense in preventing brain injury in their
children. Many parents are aware that the use of sports helmets for school age
children and adolescents can prevent concussions and traumatic brain injury
(TBI). Parents of infants and toddlers also need to know that they can prevent
TBI by practicing, "
<http://www.marchofdimes.org/baby/never-shake-your-baby.aspx> Never shake your

Unfortunately, some parents and their family members may not be aware that
shaking a baby can cause drowsiness, poor feeding, vomiting, irritability, head
swelling, and death. TRICARE wants to remind you to "never shake your baby," and
encourage you to find calming alternatives that can help parents during an
infant's first month of life and when crying peaks.

The American Academy of Pediatricians encourages health care workers to educate
parents on the safe handling and care of children in order to give them a great
start in their pamphlet
<http://brightfutures.aap.org/pdfs/guidelines_pdf/1-bf-introduction.pdf> Bright
Futures. Primary Care Clinics and the New Parent Support Program (NPSP) partner
with parents on and off installations to use safe infant care techniques. 

The NPSP is a voluntary program for parents and children from birth to three
years old.  Parents can refer themselves by calling the NPSP in their military
treatment facility. Also, military or civilian agencies and TRICARE providers
may facilitate a self-referral to NPSP at the parent's request.  

Military parents can protect their children from health injuries early on by
practicing "never shake a baby" and partnering with their Primary Care Manager
and the NPSP. For more information on caring for your child, visit the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention's web page "
<http://www.cdc.gov/family/parentabc/> Parents: ABCs of Raising Safe and Healthy
Kids." For information on your child's health care coverage, visit the
Well-Child page of the TRICARE website.


SOURCE:  TRICARE News Release at http://www.tricare.mil/PreventChildTBI032415




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