[hashcash] hashcash-1.17 bug-fix release

  • From: Adam Back <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hashcash <hashcash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 05:49:38 -0500


hashcash-1.17 is released.  As well as all cumulative patches and bug
fixes, it includes a new bugfix for the double-spend protection
failure reported recently by Steve Crook.

The double-spend protection failure arises from a bug introduced in
1.14 (when I made some higher-level apis to the hashcash database

Also in this release I put Hubert's hashfork.py and hashfork.c in the
contrib directory.

Here is the CHANGELOG entry:

hashcash-1.17 - 30-Mar-2005 - Adam Back <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
        * fix for bug Steve Crook reported with purging and checking
          at same time.
        * fix for bug Steve Crook reported in double spend checking.
          (Was bug in new hashcash_db_in higher level db function).
        * apply patch from Jonathan Morton which fixes bug triggered
          when minting large stamps (over 31-bits).
        * fix printf vulnerability reported by Tavis Ormandy


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