[openbeos] Re: why an alternative ld?

  • From: "John M. Gabriele" <jandl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 01:50:09 EDT

> I just noticed on the "Dev Central" area of the OBOS site that
> there's a link to an alternative ld (rather than the one that
> comes with BeOS)
> http://beos.jetnet.co.uk/kernel/ld.zip
> that's presumably to be used for building OBOS. The comment
> on the Dev Central page says
> "gcc linker: updated version to properly link apps with our libc
> library"
> Why the new linker? -or- Wha? are we linking with a new libc?
> Wait a minute. [A minute passes.]
> I have no libc.so to begin with. (?)
> Also, the link seems to be dead. Has it become available elsewhere?
> ---j

Whoops. Sorry for the anonymous post -- I just re-installed BeOS
on my system today and forgot to set the "Real Name" field
in the email pref. :)

Regarding libc... I see that there was some discussion on
this in the past. It seems that libroot.so contains much of what a
libc.so would contain if there were a libc.so in BeOS.

Ok... I see that (using the cvs repository browser available from
the obos user info page) that the obos libc is in
and likely gets used building any piece of obos.

I suppose the stock BeOS ld knows only about the
libs that came with BeOS (libroot.so, libbe.so, libstdc++.r4.so)
so a modified one would be needed to link obos objects with
the obos libc.so. Correct? If so, then, where can I find this modified


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