[openbeos] Some build problems on my computer

  • From: "Greg Crain" <gsc70@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 21:43:06 -0400 EDT

I haven't been able to build Haiku on my computer in ages.  I have all 
the tools that are listed in the Developer section of the website.
gcc version 2.95.3-beos-041202, w/ the optional stuff
Jam 2.5rc3. OS=BEOS. Copyright 1993-2002 Christopher Seiwald.

./configure --target=haiku
jam -q haiku-image

it compiles for a little while, but it always aborts with a:
MergeObjectFromObjects1 actions too long (max 10240)!  
Even a 'jam Pulse'  gives the error.

So, I recently did a completely clean install of BeOS Pro 5.0.3 on a 
different computer, all the build tools, and did a fresh checkout.
Same thing.   I even tried on Zeta, same thing.

2nd problem I have, unrelated.  My computer had 768MB memory and a 
128MB video card.  It seemed to run okay, but it would KDL in the 
middle of a checkout.  Can't clone area, or something like that  (When 
I lowered the memory to 512MB,  it worked okay.).    I tried to delete 
the incomplete directory, but now I have folders that I cannot delete.  
They are stuck in the trash.   Nothing I tried will delete them.  No 
Ex: The file 'wcprops' is of kind 'Account', but typed as a directory.  
I try and delete it, and I get a 'Directory not empty'.   rm -r  
doesn't work. 

Any suggestions for my two issues?


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