[openbeos] Re[6]: RAD, Visual IDE, dev tools

  • From: "Helmar Rudolph" <helmar@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Cedric Vincent" <cedric-vincent@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:15:38 +0200

Note: mail cc'd to Phoenix and OpenBeOS list, so that other
programmers become aware of Cedric looking for help on his
MeTOS RAD/visual IDE project.

> [NetCount]
> I'm alone to dev on it, the other guys, made translation
> in other langage for me ;-))


> > Can't agree more. Can you add NetCount to the BeOS
> > developers survey? If the source is available, maybe someone
> > wants to carry on where you left off.
> what i must to do to add it on "BeOS developers survey" ??
> thanks.

Yes, pls add. and indicate if sources are available. Would
be great if someone else could pick up from where you left
off. It's a great app, but needs enhancements. :)

> > > I need help for the generating code module, because i
> > > never made a same, and if i start i take long time for
> > > made it.
> > Let me know what exactly you need from that person in terms
> > of skills, experience, time, etc.
> experience in BeOS API (sure :-) C++
> for time, when he wants, for example i work when i can !!
> i need 1 or plus guys are sure who want working on it.
> We must have motivation, not just because it could be interesting.

Ok. I shall keep ears and eyes open, but pls also spend some
time on BeShare, because there you can talk to many devs

> I study in computering, and test VI/VC++/BeIDE, i prefer BeIDE !

:-) That says a lot.

> > > Another idea of project is : CVS Addon for BeIDE, i think
> > >  it's a tool we need, but not some time to made it ;-((
> > Does anybody else other than you know/think about it? Maybe
> > we can throw that out to the market.
> In fact, i don't know i think i'm alone or i speak about
> it with Sylvain Tertois, a friend work with me on DontWorry.

This should interest those on OpenBeOS, hence my CC.



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