[openbeos] Re: Package Manager Development Proposal

  • From: "Jean Schwerer" <j-schwerer@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 03:58:58 +0100


>>Here is my suggestion:
>>Have only the members of the community who have experience with at least
>>FOUR of the following: (I only fit the top three)
>>- Windows Update and Install/Uninstall programs
>>- Software Valet
>>- Linux package managers
>>- QNX's package manager
>>- Mac install/uninstall procedures
>>Identify themselves and form a subcommittee and conduct a separate
>>concentrated discussion.  Then have them submit sketch designs and specs
>>to the general OBOS community in no more than two weeks.  (If not two
>>weeks, then set another deadline.  I think a deadline would be important
>>to keep things moving.)
>Sounds reasonable. Anyone up for this? Even if there were a couple of people
>with experience with all of these, total (someone with Win/Linux, someone with
>QNX/Mac), that would be great!

As long as you don't request me to get too deeply into that (already have 
something cooking 
with another team ^_^) I am willing to help discussing those issues. I have 
experience with the 
BeOS, QNX, Linux, FreeBSD & Windows installation things as a user, plus I have 
experience as 
a developer with Software Valet (for distributing "OpenTracker.fr" for example) 
and InstallShield.
As far as I'm concerned I find the BSD and QNX ones very powerful. I believe 
Software Valet is 
a very good product too that should be used more ^_^ It provides some 
interesting flexibility. 
However IMHO it has no clue about what a dependency might be and also lacks 
some scripting (I 
don't mean including scripts in packages but being able to command package 
building through 
scripts) :o)
Would also be nice to make sure the package file is "garbage-proof" when moved 
different filesystems. I hate the "seems the endlines are bad in this file" 
error or whatever looked 
like it when downloading a pkg to a FAT FS.


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