[openbeos] Package Manager Development Proposal

  • From: "David Enderson" <DEnderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 10:40:28 -0600

> Since this is new design, I would like to have a bit more community
> review than with the other stuff, but I agree with you, in general.
> Why don't you put together a sketch of a design for us to look at?

I would like to, but I won't have time for a few weeks.  The lack of
time is why I haven't officially joined one of the OpenBeOS projects.

I want to say right now: I agree with you COMPLETELY when you said this
project needs more community review than the other projects!  I truly
believe a good or bad package manager can make the difference between a
Perfect OS being accepted mainstream or staying a hobby for hobbyists.

I do not believe I am qualified to put together the sketch designs,
since I don't have any experience with the QNX manager, and don't have
time to download and install another OS right now.

Here is my suggestion:
Have only the members of the community who have experience with at least
FOUR of the following: (I only fit the top three)
- Windows Update and Install/Uninstall programs
- Software Valet
- Linux package managers
- QNX's package manager
- Mac install/uninstall procedures
Identify themselves and form a subcommittee and conduct a separate
concentrated discussion.  Then have them submit sketch designs and specs
to the general OBOS community in no more than two weeks.  (If not two
weeks, then set another deadline.  I think a deadline would be important
to keep things moving.)

This proposal could then be discussed the general community, and after
the specs are more finalized, appoint a small team to make a
non-functional prototype.  The community could then discuss the
prototype, and possibly revise the specs some more.  Then when the spec
has been solidified again, then the devel team begins converting their
prototype to the complete application.=20

Any thoughts?


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