[openbeos] Ok, let's start

  • From: "Marcus Overhagen" <dos4gw@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 15:47:33 -0700

So, let's start.

So, to be successful we need to keep in mind a few things:

* we need binary compatibility from release to release, so companys
   can produce and sell closes source, this means binary only programs
   and device drivers!

* we better add a compatiblity layer, so we can run all current BeOS programs

* it may be a wise decision to create a compiler independent binary format,
   so we don't need to break compatiblity if the gcc compiler breaks 
compatibility   ,
   since we can't break our compatiblity

* i think we should use the beos kernel approach, this means independent 
   which are all loaded at boot time, and those who find hardware keep loaded.
   You really don't want a single large kernel you need to constantly recompile!

Some legal things:

* if we want to use GPL source code, how can we make it possible for other to
   produce closed source drivers without legal problems?

* is a gpl kernel allowed to load non gpl driver modules?

* or is it possible to have a non gpl (but open source) kernel, and have 
   write gpl drivers for this one?


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