[openbeos] Re: Hardware

  • From: "Ben Allen" <Ben_Allen@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 15:19:01 CDT

I have the same problem you do.  I have a fairly good bit of old 
hardware (386, box of NIC's, etc.) that surely someone could use.  
Perhaps someone wants to make a wiki page on BeBits or something where 
people can list hardware they want to donate (perhaps this already 


>Hi All. I am in the process of moving out of state, and have a lot of 
>old hardware I'm unable to take with me. After reading about 
>BeGeistert and the idea of giving hardware to OBOS developers, I 
>thought that would be the perfect thing to do here, but alas I have 
>no money to have this stuff shipped anywhere. I'm located in 
>Portland, Oregon, USA, I'm curious if there's anyone nearby that is 
>interested in taking, and possibly redistributing, this stuff? Email 
>me off-list if you're interested.
>(Hardware list follows)
>NOTE: Barebones system = case/motherboard/CPU/RAM only.
>Barebones system: 486SX/25Mhz, 4MB RAM
>Barebones system: Pentium 133, 16MB RAM
>Barebones system: Pentium 233, 64MB RAM
>CD-ROM: 8x Mitsumi
>Video card: S3 Trio Virge (PCI)
>Video card: unknown Trident (PCI)
>Video card: unknown Trident 512K (ISA)
>3 unknown ISA soundcards
>3 unknown ISA modems
>DSL modem: Cisco 605 internal PCI (from QWest)
>Hard Drive: 171MB IBM
>Hard Drive: 256MB IBM (few bad spots, but stable)
>Hard Drive: 2.1GB Samsung
>Monitor: Old 14" 800x600 (broken power button - must stay on)
>Various cables (printer, USB, ethernet, power)

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