[haiku-i18n-hi] Some Nitpicks in the Translations

  • From: Ankur Sethi <get.me.ankur@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 09:58:16 +0530


To Atharva, Abhishek and Gautam: good work guys :). The Hindi
translations are shaping up nicely. I did notice some problems,

Problem #1: it appears that some catalogs are machine translated. That
is not a bad thing, but it sometimes results in awkward or wrong

Example: in the catalog for Pulse, "You can't disable the last active
CPU" is translated as "आप पिछले सक्रिय सीपीयू को अक्षम नहीं कर सकते
हैं." "पिछला सीपीयू" means "the CPU that comes before the current
CPU", not "the last remaining CPU". Your translation tool probably got
confused between the two meanings of the word "last". The correct
translation here is "आप आखिरी सीपीयू को अक्षम नहीं कर सकते".

Problem #2: some translations consist of English words written in Devanagari.

Example: in the keyboard preflet, "short" is translated as "शोर्ट". It
should be "छोटा" or something. Another one is "डिले अनटील की रीपीट",
which should probably be something like "की आवृति तक विलंबित करें".

Problem #3: in some cases, application or feature names have been
translated to Hindi. These are proper nouns (or should be treated as
such) and should not be translated.

Example: in Pulse again, "remove replicant" is translated as "दोहराएँ
हुए निकालें". Here, "replicant" should be treated as a proper noun.
The correct translation is "रेप्लिकैन्ट हटायें".

The Hindi translations aren't ready to go into Alpha 3 yet. If we work
on them, though, we can make sure they're solid by the time the next
release come around.

Ankur Sethi
(GeneralMaximus on IRC and elsewhere)

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