[haiku-development] Re: Haiku R1/alpha decisions

  • From: Bruno Albuquerque <bga@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 13:56:59 -0300

Axel Dörfler wrote:
Hi there,

since we're at least slowly approaching our desired goals for R1/alpha, I just want to start the discussion on how our distribution should look like, and what expectations the alpha version should fulfill. Are there any features left one definitely wants to see in the alpha release that are not yet tracked as part of http://dev.haiku-os.org/roadmap?

Speaking in general terms, the important thing, even for an alpha, is that we have no know bug that can cause data corruption. As long as we reach a point where we are reasonably certain that this is the case, everything else can be attributed to it being an alpha. :)

For the distribution (it's also an alpha with respect to that IMO), I think we should have a fairly basic set of things we ship. Just enough to fulfill the basic needs our target audience (mostly developers, I guess) will have in common.

Yes, but it would also be handy if we could provide a way for the user to update components when updates are available. Something like what Ubuntu does. Specially considering that we know there will be tons of updates and it would be frustrating for the user to have to reinstall to get updates. Of course a simple solution of providing zip files with updates is ok.

This probably includes most of the optional packages we have made available so far, and might also include a few things not yet part of those, too. In any case, don't forget that we'll need to maintain, and get bug reports for software that are part of the distribution, too :-) The aim of this thread should be to compile a complete list of things we want to have in the first alpha release, be it feature or software.

Whatever we decide to include, it should be as complete and integrated as possible. For example, fixing Firefox drag & drop would be great. Also I am more in favor of native applications than ports, but there are cases where ports will be required, of course.

Please try to be short and concise, as I guess some items could cause some more discussions. If we encounter any harder decisions, we should separate those in a separate thread.

I don't have any opinions about what exactly to include. But it is important we at least have a set of standards for applications. Something like this:

1 - It should be a clean application (interface-wise).
2 - As integrated to the OS as possible. This include having HVI icons when relevant. 3 - Fulfill a specific task not fulfilled by other applications (not include 10 different media players, for example).
4 - Probably other stuff I forgot to mention.


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