[haiku-commits] Re: r35705 - haiku/trunk/build/jam

  • From: scott mc <scottmc2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-commits@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 10:55:45 -0800

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 10:52 AM, Bruno Albuquerque <bga@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 2010/3/2 scott mc <scottmc2@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Good points.  Well nano is added in as a default optional package, so
>> we'd need to rebuild that when ncurses is rebuilt and change them both
>> at the same time.  vim is also an optional package and is on the
>> chopping block to be removed from haiku and made available via a
>> non-default optionalpacakge.
>> Now I wonder if there's any other included items that depend on
>> ncurses...  I'll have to add it for python, nano, and perhaps others.
> Sorry for the hijack, but as this is tangentially related, I decided
> to mention it before I forgot. BeHappy needs NetSurf  and there is a
> dependency rule, whihc is fine. The problme is that BeHappy loads
> NetSurf as a replicant and, due to that, NetSurf can not find its
> libraries (they are inside a lib dir in its directory) and BeHappy
> fails to load due to that. I guess the solution would be to provide
> the required NetSurf libraries (I think it is only libmng or something
> like that) as a separeta optional package so it would be installed in
> some system wide lib dir. Either that or remove BeHappy, as it simply
> does not work as it is.
> -Bruno

No problem on the hiijack, but could you open a ticket for that and
assign it to me (that way i won't forget it)?  I'll probably have time
this week to work on cleaning some of these minor issues up.

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