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  • Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 05:14:42 -0500

 After first remarking that this roundness aspect should not be seen as
something that's inevitably on its way to Haiku's future looks, I'd also
(like Humdinger) say: keep it limited to the tab and more specifically
the right side of it.

From the screenshots you can see that a rounded left side in a tab
doesn't combine well with the tab's 'inner square' that we use to close a
window (this square now looks awkwardly "cramped").

Humdinger took the words out of my mouth when referring to
Stack-and-Tile, which calls for squareness to give the most visually
satisfying window-mergers (100% contact).
Interestingly, by contrast it is roundness on the right side of a tab
that can visually improve the stack and tile experience (also sharply
remarked by Humdinger).
With this argument, I'd say it would be a good idea make some mockups
with tabs like this in a stacked situation. These could then also serve
to determine the ideal radius by trial and "error".

I've read somebody's concerns somewhere recently about the way Windows
created rounded tabs: apparently this is done by just using a square
corner and making a few pixels of it transparent, which can sometimes
show up black when windows are loaded. Unless there is a way that doesn't
produce visual glitches, the rounded corner idea should be ditched. But
there's no doubt it can be done properly (Haiku style).

As for the "fat" border alternative: it looks too heavy to me and not in
sync with the rest of the Haiku experience. It just takes away lots of
elegance. The concept fits round corners, but doesn't fit square corners.
The 'grippy' (area in the lower right hand corner that lets you resize a
window) is missing/overlooked (also previously remarked).
I also don't see how the window called 'xData' could be dragged around in
any other way than using the tab, so that would be a regression from the
present situation. There seem to be scrollbars but those are for another
There's less clear visual oversight in presenting the 'Menu', 'Window',
'Applications' and 'Clock' areas and those words themselves now look
cramped. The total looks more flat, maybe that's why N. Blachford came up
with more prominent shadows. But by their size, those shadows kind of
smudge the background, IMHO.

Textures in Haiku look out of place...I believe that the freedom to
personalize through Desktop background images plus the options already
given in 'Appearances' gives the user enough room to create the
atmosphere they like. Grey is neutral = good = serving = what a OS needs
to be (and Haiku uses a very nice grey, BTW).



P.S. I apologize for not quoting parts and putting comments underneath
them: my webmail's 'Compose Message' editor doesn't allow quotes to be
mixed with my own remarks, it seems... :(    

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