[haiku-bugs] Re: [Haiku] #7837: [Tracker Preferences] Make "Single window navigation" default

  • From: "pulkomandy" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2011 20:14:50 -0000

#7837: [Tracker Preferences] Make "Single window navigation" default
   Reporter:  deejam                |      Owner:  axeld
       Type:  enhancement           |     Status:  closed
   Priority:  normal                |  Milestone:  R1
  Component:  Applications/Tracker  |    Version:  R1/alpha3
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Comment (by pulkomandy):

 axel: that's the point in my idea of browsing vs. management. Workbench is
 not a good tool for it, but DOpus really shows what can be done in the
 management side - while being useless at browsing.

 The same situation could be seen in Windows 3.11 (progman vs. file
 manager) or even in windows 95, were spatial mode and single window with
 directory tree lived happily together. There are some similarities for
 example in Palm OS, where the default interface was very application-
 centered, with no way to access your files. On my Palm I used a tool
 called Filez that was a file manager, and allowed me to see my files and
 manage them. On 8-bit microcomputers it was an usual thing to navigate in
 BASIC (using load, run, that kind of things), this was a tool to run apps
 and load files, any complicated operation would require a dedicated disc
 management tool with copy features and so on. There are various samples of
 this idea in different systems, and I'm curious how it would work in a
 modern system like Haiku. but this would be better done as a blog post if
 I ever take the time to write it :)

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