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On Thursday, 22 February 2018 22:40:31 GMT+1, Johnpaul Humphrey wrote:

What applications need developing?I am interested in learning to program in any of the following categories: - Web Browser - Productivity - 3d Modelers. - or anything else useful.

Welcome Johnpaul!

We need all of those. They happen to be also the most complex pieces of software... :)

WebPositive enhancement and bug tickets are found in Haiku's Trac ( https://v.gd/aM2MEO ). I'm sure you find large and small things to fix/implement there.

Native productivity apps are rather scarce. Two very deserving targets IMO are BePDF and SumIt (a spreadsheet app). Just use those for a bit and you'll see plenty of opportunities to improve (BePDF:e.g. commentary icons, improved Find dialog, plus all the other reported issues... ; SumIt: where to begin...)

SumIt is at https://github.com/beos-zealot/OpenSumIt
BePDF and many more apps that you could look into is at https://github.com/HaikuArchives

Lots to do :)



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