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  • Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 07:17:47 -0500

Hi all --
I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to tweak my system to fix the bugs, and also how to setup my new XP pro system. I've already posted some of the XP pro problems, but I have another question about my XP home machine that I'm experimenting with to get rid of the stupid restarts.

First, I downloaded and purchased a tool called register mechanic from pctools.com and have installed and run it, but it didn't clean out the stupid Quicken files but deleted a bunch of other things that my system complained about when I rebooted.
Has anyone else used this tool? and how can I clean my registry?
Also, what is the "Microsoft console manager"? I had a window pop up saying that it had tried to connect to my computer but was rejected by the firewall. So I went to the firewall settings on the control panel and it was indeed not blocked. I don't understand why I got that message.
Since this registry cleaner is guaranteed for 30 days and I get free updates for a year, I wonder what I should report, as I don't understand the reason or meaning of some of the problems...

Could someone familiar with the registry please send me mail privately so I can try and solve this problem?
Sorry for the vague questions, but my understanding of this area is vague, so that is why I bought a registry cleaner rather than try to clean the registry myself.
Thanks in advance!

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