[guispeak] Re: powerpoint 2007 opening with control plus p after installing office 2007 instead of sending info to the printer

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 12:11:30 +0100

Hi Dan,

I have Office 2007 installed on my network here, plus a mixture of
Vista and XP workstations.  Ctrl + p opens the Print dialog in all
applications here.  Does this still happen if you execute the shortcut
from the Desktop?

Can you advise what operating system(s) is running on the
workstations?  Additionally, is it imaged such that you install the
op. system on each workstation from a common image? This might explain
why all 25 systems exhibit the same problem.

One immediate thought, regardless of op. system, would be to check
which keyboard language is in use.  This may seem odd, until for
example, you find the if you accidentally installed a UK or European
keyboard, the two Alt keys respond differently.  Left Alt is just
plain Alt, but right Alt produces Alt + Ctrl.  (And in fact the key’s
legend is “Alt Gr”)  It is normally used to generate a third character
from a key.  For example number 4 on the top show.  Shift + 4 produces
a Dollar sign, and Alt Gr + 4 produces a Euro currency sign (€).

There are however a number of programs available which will analyse
shortcuts, Shortcut Doctor being one of them.  See 
http://www.funduc.com/shortcut_doctor.htm. ; Although it costs $15, it
might well save you hours of hunting down the problem by listing your


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Hi All,
We are installing office 2007 on 312 computers at my residential
school this 
summer.  After finishing 25, we found that pressing control plus p
opeing powerpoint 2007 instead of printing.
I have created the powerpoint shortcut of alt plus ctrl plus p from
desktop in hopes this might fix the problem.  However, control plus p
opens powerpoint.  Where is this shortcut hiding and can I delete it? 
is very much appreciated! 

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