[guispeak] Re: formatting d v d r w disks

  • From: "Raul A. Gallegos" <raul@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 19:00:46 -0700

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There are two things which you need to keep in mind.  First off the blank 
dvd you are using.  Is it dvd+r or dvd-r?  Note your punctuation here.  
Not all drives support both standards however if you have a good drive 
then it shoud support both the plus and the minus blank dvd media.  The 
minus media is older while the plus is a newer standard.  You are right 
in that it should hold around 4.1 gigabytes of data.  What I'd try using 
is a program like nero6 which supports writing to blank dvd media.  Your 
LG drive should have come with at least a code for Nero6 Express which 
is pretty easy to use.

Let me know if I can help further.
Second, if you are only trying to copy data over such as files, mp3s, 
etc then you should be able to put anything you want on it.  If you are 
trying to copy a movie then you will have some trouble in that most 
commercial dvd movies are encrypted and you would need to decode the 
movie first and then convert to another format in some cases before 
burning it onto a blank dvd.

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