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I can hear folks winding up for a debate in the background, but let me just
say that I use and like Gold Wave (http://www.goldwave.com/).  Gold Wave is
shareware that you can try yourself before shelling out any money, and it
is not crippled in any way except that you can only do so much editing
before you have to quit and restart the program.  Of course, if you
register it, these restrictions go away.  Gold Wave has gobs of keyboard
shortcuts for recording, playing, fast-forwarding, rewinding, and so forth
in your sound file.  If you install an MP3 encoder, you can save right out
of Gold Wave in MP3 format at any of many many bit rates in stereo or mono.
It includes effects for changing or maximizing volume, low/high/bandpass
filtering, weird audio effects, lots of fun toys.  The cost is around
$45-50 U.S. depending on the variability of exchange rates between the U.S.
and Canada (where the program originates).  Oh, and once you register, I
believe upgrades are free for all time.

I started out with Gold Wave and never played with the more expensive and
prestigious programs, so I freely admit that I have a biased, distorted


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Hi, Folks.  I have never experimented with recording audio files, but find
that I need to record some one-minute radio broadcasts in MP3 format.  What
is the most accessible, easiest to learn, and inexpensive software that
would do the job?


Keith Bundy
Director of Student Development
Dakota State University
Email: Keith.Bundy@xxxxxxx

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