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  • From: "Laura Eaves" <leaves1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 14:25:03 -0500

Hi Dennis --
Are you talking about your mailer checking the mail on your ISP, or your computer just not making a connection?
I am on XP Home using Outlook Express for my mailer, and I also have had this problem.
I entered the account info for my newest ISP and email address and checked all the boxes they told me to check on the dialog, but for some reason I still have to retype the password every time I start up the program.
Did you try removing the password and exiting and restarting the program and then going back to accounts and re-entering the password info, then exiting and restarting the program?
I know there is some kind of private cookie saved to disk somewhere that saves this info, so just changing it isn't enough -- you have to repeatedly close down and restart to be sure it is saved and reloaded correctly.
But I speak without experience as I was never able to get it running myself, and have just resigned myself to typing it in every time I start up the program.
Actually, this isn't so bad -- not only is it more secure to retype it, but also you are sure to always remember what your password is.
Good luck, and if you get it working, could you tell me what you did?

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Greetings all,

My Windows XP sp1 wouldn't save the password for my ISP connection. I tried checking both checkboxes for "enable for this user" and "enable for everybody using this computer", but nothing worked. Not a big trouble, I know, but still quite annoying.

Thanks for any possible ideas.

Best regards,


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