[guispeak] Re: How Can I Write Umlauts

  • From: "Khalid" <khalid@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:11:31 +0300

Thanks Laura,
    Jaws is my secondary screen reader. I seldom use it. I mostly depend on 
Supernova. it's more handy I believe if I knew how to type these special 
character, so I can type it in any given computer.
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  Did you try first going to the insert+4 (on the numbers row) for the jaws 
list of commonly used special characters?
  Just type a repeatedly to see all the characters starting with a, which 
include capital and small, and similarly for o.
  Some may not be there but others are.  FS needs to add them all...
  Of course this assumes you are a jaws user.  I don't have much experience 
with others.
  Take care.

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    Subject: [guispeak] How Can I Write Umlauts

        How can I type none caps a/o-umlaut? For caps A-umlaut I press alt-0196.
    Thanks in advance

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