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H Jamal

Please can you send the link to download the latest version.

Many thanks.



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[guispeak] EdSharp 2.4 released

Version 2.4
Released December 24, 2007

This version strengthens support for programming in Python, and for doing
math with LaTeX.  Fixes and enhancements are documented below.


Fixed the computer's SAPI voice not being used for enhanced speech
messages when the JAWS, Window-Eyes, or System Access screen reader is not
found in memory.  Replaced the default SayAll script of JAWS
(Insert+DownArrow) with custom code that provides more reliable continuous
reading.  Also with the JAWS scripts for EdSharp, fixed the Read All
command (Alt+F8) not verbalizing files over 20K in size, and the semicolon
character (;) not being spoken when typed.

Fixed the New From Clipboard command (Control+Shift+N).  Fixed the Text
Convert or Text Combine command (Control+T or Control+Shift+T) prompting
when multiple target formats are available, rather than assuming text.
Also fixed these commands not using the previous directory specified when
a file is listed without a path.

Enhanced the Elevate Version command (F11) to compare the currently
running version with the host server, indicating whether a newer version
is available there.  Enhanced the Web Download command (Alt+Shift+W) so
that it prompts for file extensions to be included in the list.  Thus, you
can easily limit choices to, say, .pdf and .doc files linked to a page of

Made EdSharp restore the directory used at the end of the last session,
and the one last used by a compiler setting.  EdShaarp now says the
current directory at the start of a new session, and when picking a
different compiler (Control+Shift+F5) changes the current directory.

Added the Query Compiler command (Alt+0) to check the current compiler and
directory.  Extended compiler information to include a default extension,
e.g., .py when programming in Python.

Added commands to ease programming in Python with speech.  This language
requires indentation for subordinate code blocks, and the indentation,
itself, rather than words or punctuation, is how such structure is
specified.  The indentation is helpful to sighted programmers, and often
to users of large print or braille, but generally inefficient for speech
users, since such access tends to be serial rather than two dimensional in
nature.  The new PyBrace command (Alt+Shift+LeftBracket) converts indented
structure to a form explicitly indicated by opening and closing braces,
similar to C-like languages.  The PyDent command (Alt+LeftBracket) does
the reverse, converting from PyBrace to an indented format that is
understood by the Python interpreter (using the IndentUnit setting of
EdSharp).  The PyBrace and PyDent formats include comments that indicate
when a block has closed , e.g., "# end for" on the line after a "for"
block.  If text is selected, these commands replace it with the alternate
format;  otherwise, they create a new editing window so the original file
is still available.  The Boo language for the .NET platform is similarly
supported, since it is modeled after Python.

Added a Boo compiler setting.  Added the Go to Environment command
(Control+Shift+G) to activate an interpreter environment that may be
specified in the Configuration dialog (Alt+Shift+C).  The default
environment is the Boo interpreter, which assumes you have installed a
Related assembly called IronCOM in its default location.  Providing access
to the .NET Framework Class Library, this COM server is available at

Alternatively, the GoToEnvironment setting could be configured for a
computer algebra system such as Maxima,
or Axiom,

Added a ViewLevels configuration option.  this is a list of file
extensions and associated numbers that specify how EdSharp should handle
conversions when files are opened through Windows Explorer or by the
Recent Files command (Alt+R).  For example, this setting includes "pdf:1
tex:0" by default.  If you associate the .pdf extension with EdSharp
(e.g., via the shortcut in the EdSharp program group of the Start Menu),
then EdSharp will automatically convert a PDF to text when opening it.  On
the other hand, the 0 value associated with the .tex extension means that
no conversion will automatically be attempted on such a file type (LaTeX

Enhanced support for LaTeX, thanks to work by Alastair Irving and Robin
Williams.  The EdSharp distribution incorporates Python and JAWS script
code from their "latex-access" project at

The F12 key is used for reading LaTeX (a reminder is that "L" is the 12th
letter of the alphabet), and Alt+Control+Arrow keys are used for
navigating a matrix.  Specifically, the key assignments are as follows:

F12 = Turn on a mode where mathematical expressions in LaTeX are read in a
more English-friendly manner.

Shift+F12 = Turn off this mode, so LaTeX is read literally by JAWS.

Alt+F12 = Add a LeTeX expression and its English translation to the

Alt+Shift+F12 = Load another speech dictionary.

Control+F12 = Store a matrix specified as an expression in selected text.

Alt+Control+ArrowKeys = Navigate rows and columns of the matrix.
Alt+Control+Home goes to the top left, and Alt+Control+End goes to the
bottom right.

Alt+Control+NumPad5 = Read the value in the current cell.
Alt+Control+PageUp reads the current row, and Alt+Control+PageDown reads
the current column.  When pressed twice quickly, these commands say the
row/column position and spell the value.

The LaTeX snippets provided with EdSharp include the file test.tec, which
demonstrates latex-access features.  Note that when a new version of the
Python COM server becomes available on the latex-access site, you can
install it (according to instructions there) and the JAWS scripts for
EdSharp will automatically use the updated capability.

A Collection of text tutorials on LaTeX is available at

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