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  • From: "Laura Eaves" <leaves1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 02:12:20 -0500

Hi Dennis -- something similar happened to me as well the other day -- and I have had to get a yahoo email address to get around it.
Only the problem wasn't with yahoogroups -- it was with an ISP in california on which is a fried that I sent private email to -- but it bounced with a strange and nasty message from the postmaster. So after some roundabout emails through a third party to my friend and the administrator, it appears there is a "blackhole" list of safe domains that can send email to those sites.
Now this list is used by many ISP's to block spam, and that may be the case with your ISP -- oh and are you in Romania? or what is .ru?
Anyway, I don't know why your account or domain is bouncing mail from yahoogroups, which is a pretty much universally recognized safe domain, but I thought I'd relate my experience.
It is in the hands of the various administrators.
It is also possible that there was just a bad connection that happened to bounce some messages.
Connectivity is a real problem these days.
But it's weird that your mail is bouncing the verification message.
Did you check that that was your primary address? Did you check that no one else has been tampering with your account?
I really hate the yahoogroups website as it is hard to find the page you need -- it could be a lot more accessible...
Good luck!

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Subject: [guispeak] Another silly problem

Hello folks,

Messages from the yahoogroup lists I'm on arrive just fine, but since a couple of days ago when I try to post a message, Yahoo sends me this:

We are unable to deliver the message from <

to <

Your email account has been bouncing mails.  This means that emails
sent to your account over several days have been returned to us.
This is sometimes because mail boxes are filled up, or because of
configuration problems.  To reset your Yahoo! Groups account, please go

For further assistance, please visit

How come it bounces emails if I get them? Okay, Of course, I sign in to my yahoogroups account, and it shows my address as "non-verified" with a link to verify it below. When I click on it, it tells me that a verification message was sent to my address, and I have to click a link inside it. But I never get this message.

I'd create another yahoogroups account with the sam email address, but they won't let me, saying kind of "this email address is already registered".

I would very much appreciate any ideas on how to get around this silly situation.

Very best regards,


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