[guispeak] Re: Some more silly stuff

  • From: "Laura Eaves" <leaves1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 02:20:22 -0500

It might not be OE, but rather the connection you have to the internet.
Gosh -- I have been fighting a major security and spyware problem on my machine all week that really scared -- someone had put the Microsoft console manager (which controls everything on the system) on the accepted programs on my firewall, with scope set to the whole internet! so anyone who knew about it could just connect to my computer and munge with everything...
So I immediately removed it and did some major scans and registry cleaning, and such, and also deleted a bunch of weird cookies and logs generated by spyware that my spyware blaster found...
But who knows what else was messed with???
Anyway, if you know anything about security, you should really have a firewall set up to be sure nothing malicious is on your machine.
And also, the problem may be with your service provider, as malware attacks servers on a regular basis.

I really didn't want to spend all this time learning about the guts of Windows and beating my head against the wall, as I have other things to do -- but sometimes it's necessary.
My brain is smoking from all the grinding!!!
Anyway, hope you get it resolved -- but I think the place to ask is your service provider.
Take care!

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Subject: [guispeak] Some more silly stuff

Hello again folks,

With the kind of stuff I'm asking, one might think I've got a virus, but I ran three (!) top antivirus programmes, and although I killed a couple of Trojans, the problems are still there.

Anyway, about a month ago my Outlook Express stopped sending emails giving me error number 0x800CCC19. I tried deleting Pop3uidl.dbx, unintalled OE and even manually cleaned the registry out of OE entries, but when I
re-installed it, thing were the same. So, for instance, to send this message, I'm going to have to log off win98, log on to winxp, send the mail and go back to my favourite win98, which, as you can understand, is far from being comfortable. Most funny thing about it is that sometimes, when it feels like it, it sends a message or two, going back to its silly ways the very next minute.

Any comments please?

Very best regards,


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