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  • Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 16:27:11 -0000

Hi Malcolm,
Thanks for asking about Nash I have had him for four years and it has flown by, 
and I thought that I was the only one with a daft guide dog but hearing other 
stories I realize that most of them are the same, it always amazes me that off 
harness he is as daft as a brush and a big softie, but as soon as I put his 
harness on he stands like a statue waiting for his first command and responds 
immediately to everything thing I say, and it was so hard in the beginning I  
almost gave up, if we are left alone when out working we are fine but when 
training my g.d.m.o said the biggest problem you will face is the public,and 
she was so right, as anyone with a guide dog will testify, the fussing and 
feeding is bad enough but the other day a lady allowed her out of control dog 
to actually play with Nash as we were crossing a busy main road, and all she 
said to her badly behaved dog was in a soft simpering voice was you naughty 
little boy. 

one of Nash's funny things is to growl at the tv when there is animals on and 
with his hair sticking up he runs round the back of the tv to see where they 
have gone, 

Chris Simpson Leicester, skype name chriscringle2

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