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Hi joo.  Well I'm 31 and like you had never had a dog before.

Well not a guide one in any case.

I applied around 2 years ago, just to see what it was all about really.

But I got excepted straight away.

I thought no more about it after that.

Then in March this year I got a call from TGDA saying could they come over.

They did and it turned out they had a dog for me.

Like you I had used a cane till then.

Well I kinder thought I'm here now may as well give it a go.

So in April this year off I went still not really shore if it was right for me 
or not.

But mate it's one of the best things I ever did.

I'm not saying it's made a big difference to where I can go as I went out 
before, but boy does it make one to how easy it is.

You walk so much faster and with so much more confidence and folk actually talk 
to you instead of just diving out of your way.

If you walk up to a group of people you just weave in and out and flash through 
rather than them jumping out of the way or you slamming a stick or yourself 
right on in to them.

The things to think about are these I think.

Its a grate aid to mobility but it's still a dog.

It still needs it's poo picking up and letting out and feeding and walking even 
wen you don't.

It still gets dog hair all over the show.

Also one of the big things with a dog is that you don't come in to contact with 
things anymore.

What I mean by that is wen you use a cane you may know that wen you find the 
phone box your by the shop or that you need to turn left.

Now your dog will just whip you round the phone box and you'll not even know 
it's there.

This is why a lot of people can't have them, because your mobility skills have 
to be very good as the info like that that you get is hugely reduced.

Your need for it is reduced to as a dog can be trained to find all of your 
favourite places.

I'm shore you know this but it's a total miff that you can say to a dog take me 
to Lloyds and the dog will find one.

They will find doors that you train them to find for you and they stop you 
walking in to things.

That's it.  That's all they do.

It's a dog it can't read.

But having said all that my only regret is that I didn't do it years ago.

My dog is a huge black 50 50 cross with lab and retriever and is called Sam 
he's fantastic. 

And me go back to that stick now?

Not a bloody chance.

  Ta Scott and all the best in what ever you decide.

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Hi need some advice 

I am considering applying for a guide dog.  I use a long cane and might add, 
use it very well but I am thinking that a guide dog would be better and have 
been advised to apply.

I live in privet rented and don't think that the landlady wants dogs here or 
pets for that.

what are peoples thoughts on this as I'm not sure what to do how many on here 
have dogs and how many have long canes 

some advice and tips well anything would be much appreciated 

many thanks mateys 

Jules x   

I know the decision  will be mine of course but positives and negatives would 
be great and give me an idea hope u all don't mind cheers 

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