[guide.chat] To, Kermit!

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Yes Kermit,
I love sitting on a Lilly pad!
I also like catching flies!
I love hopping from pad to pad!
it is so much fun!
we will have to get together and talk about all the things frogs like to do.
I hope to have a family one day but not now!
I like to take my time and get to know someone first.
Do you like worms?
I think they are very yummy.
I liked talking with you on the phone last night!
I will be waiting for you to call me again soon.
With love,

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Hello there Calyx,
oh that is nice you like to take your time with good things.
I would like someone who is gentle and caring, also who would be a good mum to 
my little froggies when they come along.
Oh and must love sitting on lilly pads etc.
Hope that all makes sense.
Lets meet soon.

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