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That is good news. Do we know the city where she has the account? I like 
Priscilla's suggestion and use it for a motivational speaker.

>>> TAMMY DENSON <tammy.denson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 10/29/2013 7:48 AM >>>
I wanted to let everyone know about something. We received a check for 
$3200.00, but no registration to go with it. The only info Anna had was the 
address on a cashiers check drawn from the Credit Union of GA. I've made some 
calls and investigated and have learned some surprising news. The $3200.00 is 
an anonymous DONATION. The woman has an account with the credit union and 
purposely did not include any further info. Isn't this amazing. I bet this has 
never happened before. I wish we could thank her.

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