[gsis_admins] Registrations

  • From: Anna Tarleton <tarletonanna@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gsis_admins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 15:28:26 -0500

I can tell you are working with the vendors today. Three vendors paid today 
with the new credit card option (FocalPointK12, Parchment, and Follett). While 
that means we get our money sooner, it also means that we incur a cost of 4.95% 
of the total balance. There wasn't a way for me to separate the cost for the 
credit card fee from the registration fee, so I did not add it. Also, I could 
not see charging them more money when they were already paying a great deal of 
money. We also had one district person pay by credit card today. 

I also found out that I neglected to change the Vendor Registration page on the 
website to update the Early-Bird Registration fee from 165 to 185. It was a 
vendor who was trying to get their additional staff registered who brought it 
to my attention. I felt like since it was published, I needed to honor it. We 
also had a vendor who registered their extra person as an Attendee, which 
charged them 185 like we had planned. They paid by credit card. At this point, 
it might cost us more than $20 to refund their money, so I am going to leave it 
as is. 

I also added 2 new registration types - Vendor 2nd Attendee, which is free, and 
Vendor 3rd+ Attendee which is the same cost as conference Attendees. Hopefully, 
that will be a little less confusing to them. 

I can update the website to be 185 instead of 165, but I don't know how many of 
you have contacted vendors with a form that might show 165. Those of you who 
are working with vendors need to let me know if I need to change it. 



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