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No, I screwed it up. Not watching what I was doing. You’re correct. It is May 

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I thought our next board meeting was May 6th.  Did I write it down wrong?

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Hello everyone,

The registration form for GSIS 2016 is active. I need for all board members to 
register by the next board meeting, May 13. When you are registering, use the 
Discount Code GSISBoard (it is case sensitive and no spaces). If you notice any 
errors while you are registering, please email them to Anna. For those of you 
who will be presenting, please go ahead and mark yourselves as a presenter. You 
can enter TBD in the session title if you aren’t sure what you want to teach. 
The link to the registration form is on the website as well as the new QR code.

Priscilla – I need for you to review the information on the website regarding 
Vendors to ensure the hotel information is correct. Anna needs the link from 
the Westin for our special rate.

For any of you contacting vendors, please use document loaded on the website at 
the bottom of the page. It has the updated rates that we agreed to. Please 
destroy all copies of the old forms so that we don’t give them outdated 

As, discussed at the meeting Anthony has resigned from the board and we have an 
opening for a new member. The form for collecting board member applications is 
posted on the website under News and Announcements. Anna sent an email to all 
attendees through RegOnline. (!@#$ She forgot to exclude the vendors and 
DOE-UGH!) Deadline for application submission is May 1. Everyone need to review 
the applicants and pick your top 3 choices before the next meeting. We will 
discuss each of the member’s favorite and vote for one.  The results will be in 
the Google drive. (docs.google.com<http://docs.google.com> – 
gsisusergroup@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:gsisusergroup@xxxxxxxxx> – gsis2013). There is a 
dummy application listed on the spreadsheet so that you can see what it will 
look like.

The Evaluation results from this past conference has been uploaded to the 
Google Drive in the GSIS Board folder. Each board member needs to review the 
results before the next board meeting and offer suggestions for topics and/or 

If you would like a new picture loaded on the board members page, please email 
it to Anna.

Thank you,



Thank you,
Denise Epperson
Administrative Technology
Griffin-Spalding County Schools
P: 770-229-3710 x 315
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