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  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 12:16:14 -0500

I didn't.  The original poster may have though.


The only two reasons I can think of for this to happen in my environment is:

1)       A small intermittent bug in the installer.

2)      I didn't use GPO, instead remote deploying while the systems were in
use.  It's possible that the users of those two systems had PDF files loaded
when the uninstall of 8/install of 9 took place, causing some strangeness.


Scott Klassen


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Do you have any other apps deploying afterwards, we lost all ACROBAT PDF
association with ACROBAT after rolling out Photoshop Elements to users.

On 17/9/08 17:19, "Scott Klassen" <klas9574@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I had a similar issue when I remote deployed 9.  On two systems, the file
type association didn't set correctly.  Since it was only a couple of
machines, I associated the file type manually.
Scott Klassen

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Recently we rolled out acrobat reader 9 with group policy.  We followed the
adobe write up on this and most machines installed and worked just fine.
However we have a few that installed but reader is not working correctly.
It does not recognize .pdf files and will not work inside internet explorer.
Was there something I missed?  I was talking to someone the other night and
they thought there was a switch that needed to be in there in order to
associate reader with .pdf files.


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