[gptalk] Re: User policy on a VMWare instance

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One thing I might recommend here, for anyone really. If you're reasonably
comfortable with PowerShell, download my GP Health Cmdlet
(www.sdmsoftware.com/group_policy_health). You can use it for free for 10
queries. Basically what it will do is report on the health of GP on a target
system, but more importantly, it points out stuff like whether loopback is
enabled and what mode, slow link detected, what DC is being used, etc. . And
it also lists a variety of other parameters on the target system, including
whether GP processing overall is working, what GPOs and CSEs were processed
and if they worked.




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Thank you Alan and Darren.

I did have a GPO with loopback processing applied.  I meant it to be merge
mode.  I see that replace mode is the default.  It must have been a very
busy day, and I missed that.  This instance is still in testing.  Thank
goodness for testing. ;)

Thanks again for your help.

Mary Collingwood Winter

We Energies - IT Services

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